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If you’re looking to boost your brand’s reach and give it greater online exposure, Pay Per Click (PPC) has an instant impact by helping you appear on the first results page of major search engines.

PPC Services

Our PPC agency Manchester has over 17 years’ experience in the industry, aided by commercial experience in many others, meaning I know how to run local, national, and even multi-national e-commerce campaigns. My experience includes Google Search, Display, Remarketing, Shopping and Call-Only campaigns.

Search Network Advertising

Spending your money more wisely to use targeted, cost-effective advertising will help you earn a positive ROI through our PPC Search Advertising.

Google Shopping

Feature in the Shopping section of the Google results, this also displays an Image of the product and price. Good for e-commerce businesses.

PPC Remarketing

I can turn “potential customers” into valuable “loyal customers”. Our team of experienced professionals will help you re-engage those who have expressed an interest in you by developing a strategy that meets your needs and brings results

Video Advertising

Video Advertising is a huge part of online adverts, and that is our area of expertise. Our team will help give you the edge over your competitors by creating killer video ads that will increase awareness of your brand.

How Does Our PPC Service Work?

Over our many years of experience, we have been able to perfect the marketing solutions we offer so that we can provide the best PPC service for our clients. As part of this high-quality, adaptable service, our PPC agency Manchester offers:

  • The identification of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that can be used to demonstrate the progress and performance of the campaign
  • Specialist conversion tracking technology that can determine how successful the current PPC campaign is, demonstrating where changes and improvements are necessary to optimise it and increase its success
  • Regular research and updates on keywords to ensure that all of our PPC campaigns remain relevant and effective
  • Clear and concise monthly updates regarding PPC campaigns to discuss and demonstrate their progress, development and success
  • Peak and off-peak hours, encouraging clients to contact us at any time to discuss their PPC campaigns, share their ideas and suggest changes – we promote working collaboratively and will listen to our customers’ needs
  • Audits for customers’ current PPC campaigns before potential new and updated ones are discussed

What Sets Our PPC Service Apart?

We pride ourselves on our service. To provide the best service to our clients, we offer the finest Google Ads knowledge to set up personalised, fresh PPC campaigns that will rival any other in terms of success.

What sets our service apart from other professionals is our offer of a full PPC agency Manchester service backed up by industry best practices, specialist PPC training in both Google Ads and Google Analytics and an ability to stay up to date with modern, evolving techniques.

As a PPC service, we stand above the rest as we offer everything required to manage a PPC campaign successfully and have the tools and experience to ensure it runs smoothly.

 The results that we deliver helps our clients achieve their business objectives. We manage our clients’ accounts daily and constantly monitor bid prices and budgets to ensure a maximum ROI.

These results come through our intricate, tailored approach. Our service provides a detailed overview of the clients’ business, their Pay Per Click advertising aspirations, a list of potential modifications and all of our recommended actions.

Choosing our PPC agency Manchester will simplify your approach to Google Ads as you are putting it into the hands of experienced professionals. Our constant reviews, tweaks and communications with your business ensures you understand fully how our service is benefiting your business.

PPC Management Services

My experience at a glance:

  • Search Network
  • Display Network
  • Remarketing
  • Shopping Network
  • Call Only Network

Through working at various PPC agencies in Manchester, I have helped all types of businesses, from those embarking on their first PPC adventure to those with underperforming campaigns. From plumbers and roofers to accountants and solicitors, I have worked in a vast range of sectors, giving me the pleasure of helping a diverse range of clients over the years.

My skills will help you minimise wastage and improve ROI in PPC campaigns. If you’re currently running a campaign that isn’t paying the dividends you hoped for, I will utilise my 17 years of experience to assist you in auditing your existing strategy and then plan a new one.

I will detail the failings of your disappointing campaign, and implement our recommended changes, managing the campaign on your behalf. By doing this, we will provide you with a sound ROI by improving your strategy and reducing your cost per clicks.

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