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Are you sick of stagnant rankings or struggling to make a return on investment from the search engines? Give Northern SEO a call today, and I will identify what technical SEO issues are holding you back, then devise a strategy on the back of an SEO audit. Please note due to the time and resources, I do not offer free SEO audits.

I have over 17 years’ experience as an SEO consultant in the digital marketing industry in both Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Google Ads (Pay Per Click). I approach every client differently; as no two clients needs or website are the same.

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Grow Traffic and Increase Website Revenue 

I offer a no-nonsense SEO service and do not try to baffle with Science and technical jargon. I provide a simple, honest approach to your digital marketing and speak in plain English.

Technical SEO Audit

As with all digital marketing strategies, I start things off with a full technical SEO audit. This will identify any technical issues currently holding your site back. I will also ask you to make me a user of your Google Search Console and Google Analytics, this is so I can analyse what current keyword queries are generating clicks, impressions and traffic.

Full Ranking Check

I will run your website through my SEO tools and see what your website currently ranks for and what needs improvement. This then starts to form a picture of which phrases need work, and I also take a log of the actual pages ranking for those given terms, so I know which pages to work on first.

Content Audit

No website would be able to compete online unless you have something unique to offer your audience and Google thinks the same too. I will log and take a look at which pages are performing best and which are performing worst, then log any relevant content on those given pages. Can the content be improved, does it need an update, does it tick all the boxes for the intended audience?

Competitor Analysis

I will analyse your top three competitors and see what makes their website tick, how close of a competitor they are to you and look to reverse engineer what they’ve done to slingshot you above them.

Backlink Analysis

Once all your content is audited and improved, then it is time to turn my attention to your backlink profile, does it look spammy. What sort of links and domain rating do you have? how do you fare against the competition?

Outreach and Link Building

I target high-quality and relevant one-way backlinks back to your website to improve ranking and domain authority over time. 

Why Choose Northern SEO?

I’m a freelance SEO consultant based in Manchester, specialising in Technical SEO, Google Ads (PPC) and Social Media. I have had experience with some big-named brands working for some boutique agencies over the years. I have worked with small and large clients, both providing local SEO and International SEO for Global companies.

I like to do things properly first time round. I don’t have a fancy office to pay for and like to keep things simple and provide a no nonsense approach to Digital Marketing. 

As an experienced freelance SEO consultant, I take your business seriously and treat it as my own. I like to think of myself as an extension of your team, rather than an external SEO agency.  


Digital Marketing FAQ

How much should you pay for SEO?

My approach is different for every client and no two clients are the same. It all depends on what your goals are and what you want to achieve from the service. For example a solicitor in Manchester, would be more expensive to rank than say a florist in Bolton. 

How Long Does It Take To Rank?

There are never any guarantees but I estimate you should start to see real progress within 3-6 months, some more competitive phrases take longer. 

What is Technical SEO and Why is it Important?

Technical SEO covers a whole multitude of things relating to your website and it is directly related to website performance. Some technical SEO issues are more severe than others. This is why I start every campaign with a full Technical SEO Audit.

How Often Should SEO Be Done?

You want to be looking at some form of optimisation every month. SEO isn’t something you can jump in or out of, as you take your foot off the peddle performance can drop. You want to be reviewing any technical SEO issues, content development and building links on a monthly basis. 

Why Does SEO Not Work?

There could be various reasons as to why your current website is not progressing. Start by reviewing your website, content and SEO and check to see what is holding you back. 

Should You Sign Up To Cheap SEO Packages?

Be wary of any company stating they can optimise your website for a nominal fee each month. I have often found over the last 17 years’ in the industry that cheap SEO is usually ineffective and I often find poor quality work as a result. As the saying goes: buy cheap, buy twice. It can also damage your websites rankings and performance. 


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